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Advertise Listings to Comprehensive Clients

Bridget Reed

Virtual Tours, Listings & Price Changes on Social Media    

    Keep Your Listings and Open Houses in front of the right demographics by advertising your listings to the right groups. Use your Virtual Tours and Open Houses to have the most views as possible. Keep posts in popular groups like Open House Networking, Community Yard Sale Groups, Professional Realtor or Broker Networking groups & other local social networking on platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and community boards. 

    This will allow for a broad group of demographics to see your listings organically and get back to your site for more home searches and information on your brokerage and services. 


Keeping Your Business First

Try to keep the listing or virtual tour on your business page, then share it to your personal page or groups from there. Checkout the quick screen shots on how to make this move from the business page to sharing it with the general community on organic posts. 


Showing the Business Page and Listing links keeps clients in your funnel and traction on your site. Setting up a drip funnel and keeping your clients and prospective home buyers on your site calling and emailing you.  Save time and money buy using professional marketing plans and images to increase your views and traffic. 







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