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Boost Referrals: Networking out of State

Bridget Reed
Sharing is Caring

Keep your Contacts and Referrals Coming by Networking out of Your Current Area

     Share the gift of greatness by passing along Social Selling through networking. Let your professional crew get the advantage of using the Listing Village platform to keep their clients and find new ones. Other Agents out of state will gladly call, because you helped them save money! 


     Have Friends in other areas of our service network? Let's help our RE community by sharing the gift of low cost professional software during a time when cost is everything.

     Listing Village is able to keep lower fees by moving to the online environment and providing in house software development. Keeping the Real Estate business moving, sharing & referring is key in investing in communities all across the country. 

     Listing Village provides a marketing and branding solution for your online Real Estate business needs. Our platform tool box has a custom built MLS search map, Lead Generation, Social Media Advertising, Professional Development Courses & 24/7 Online Local Support. If you need assistance on how to share your posts & listings look through the online resources for tips and tricks.

Check out our list of local networks currently using our marketing & branding software successfully.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 1.46.08 PMWant YOUR community in our list of available MLS?  Email us and get the process started today!




Base Price: $50 Monthly

No Contracts, Hidden Fees or Advertising Minimum


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