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How to Social Selling through Listing Village

Bridget Reed

 Bringing Clients Quality Data & Generating Leads through Social Media Advertising 

Follow this quick tutorial on sharing your listings, open houses and virtual tours! Check out our weekly guide and find out what to do with all the data from your weekly advertising and site views. Send reports to clients & show leads how well your marketing and branding strategists work to convert them into new clients. All MLS data is pulled directly from your MLS and may others every 10 minutes to ensure active and correct listings & rentals.

Sharing your MLS listings improves access to future clients and provides a community service for local online open house groups and those moving from state to state. Boost your online traffic and increase your social media followers at once when sharing your listings. Take advantage of our other professional development blogs and quick tutorials. 


Follow the quick steps below to make the most of your site and the professional toolkit. 







Take advantage of our other professional development blogs and quick tutorials to help increase your online website and social media traffic. 


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