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Smart Virtual Marketing Steps

Bridget Reed

     Social Distancing is the new norm, however how do Real Estate agents make ends meet when socializing and handshakes are required business tools? Keeping safe takes many different forms and agents all over are using different version of  3D, video and live streaming tours or open  houses for their clients or public channels. With the rise of quick live demos and zoom networking, home buyers and sellers are getting a taste of houses on demand from their couches. A lot of agents are seeing a rise in listings and property sells as homeowners are searching for larger spaces or family homes further away from cities to aid in social distancing on national levels. 

 Many agents are taking the high profile approach and are only booking pre-approved clients on single home tours of vacant locations or pre-cleaned homes. Using the sanitary tour model, it may be difficult to schedule too many tours unless you have a large team and budget to work with. Overhead for a cleaning crew post and pre tour, providing all up front paper work and sanitary gear could be costly and time consuming. Agents have been seeing a rise in the home sell process where clients never step foot inside the house til closing or after. 

     One way increase website traffic is to utilize the use new technology of drones, streaming feeds, cameras or 3D technology to map a house and see special features normally not seen until a walk through. Taking this advanced view of homes into the public sector is the best way to connect with new home buyers. Using the advancements in technology will help agents collect and keep new leads through generating a better word of mouth through social media. Put those posts and links out into major advertising programs and chain networking platforms by using boost buttons and paid campaigns to push your organic content even further. Identifying new social networking groups and joining other professional networking applications will help grow connections as well. 

     After the content is in the wild, make sure all your new guest who are viewing your content can get in touch with you by sharing from your website or direct channel such as a professional business profile or lead capture system. By using a Listing Village Site, keep your leads in the CRM built into the dashboard. Then set up a new lead and add them to an email campaign or specific custom map to keep them informed and a listing for the future. 


   Check out the Listing Village Virtual Marketing Steps to increase your online branding awareness. Build your business up through defined professional development tools and custom built Real Estate Technology. Maintain clients by showing value through reports and analytics through successful advertising campaigns.Sell homes quicker with Virtual Tours and Streaming Online Open Houses.  Stop Buying Leads and Start Building Your Own.  




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