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Virtual Home Tours

Smart Virtual Marketing Steps

Bridget Reed

     Social Distancing is the new norm, however how do Real Estate agents make ends meet when socializing and handshakes are required business tools? Keeping safe takes many different forms and agents all over are using different version of  3D, video and live streaming tours or open  houses for their clients or public channels. With the rise of quick live demos and zoom networking, home buyers and sellers are getting a taste of houses on demand from their couches. A lot of agents are seeing a rise in listings and property sells as homeowners are searching for larger spaces or family homes further away from cities to aid in social distancing on national levels. 

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Leads from Video Content belongs to You!

Bridget Reed

 Keep Leads & Gather More!

  Keeping up to date with the latest trends is hard enough. With video and vlog content on the rise, most realtors use corporate media apps such as youtube & vimeo or programs like 'assistant software' to publish and push their content. These programs create links that go back to the site hosting the video.. driving prospective leads off your lead capture site. 

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You can't post that

Image of Carmen Mallard
Carmen Mallard

Your MLS doesn’t let you post branded content, so any Facebook Live or Youtube Live videos you make will not be able to be used in marketing through that service. However, Listing Village lets you upload branded videos and content such as Matterports, virtual home tours, FB Live, slide shows and more directly on the listing. Investing in video for your listings has never been more important!

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